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IDIRECT SOLUTIONS (DS Plumbers) prides itself on the combined expertise and knowledge at senior management level in order to assist its staff and customers with the knowledge, experience and back up support when it comes to plumbing installations. Any given plumbing installation ranging from small minor repairs up to revamps of buildings, large and small plumbing installations and all other aspects of plumbing related jobs in-between. DS Plumbers believes that knowledge is the key to a successful job and in so doing, the staff are trained on an on-going basis on various topics and product knowledge.


iDIRECT SOLUTIONS ELECTRICIANS are the best Domestic, Residential & Commercial electricians in Guateng and surroundings IDIRECT SOLUTIONS (DS Electricians) prides itself on the combined expertise and knowledge at senior management level in order to assist its staff and customers with the knowledge, experience and back up support when it comes to electrical installations. Any given electrical installation ranging from small minor repairs up to revamps of buildings, large and small electrical installations and all other aspects of electrical related jobs in-between. DS Electricians believes that knowledge is the key to a successful job and in so doing, our staff are trained on an on-going basis on various topics and product knowledge.


Call DS PLUMBERS 061 760 6827 we will attend to any type of plumbing repair – small or large.

Plumbing repairs covers a vast spectrum in the plumbing industry so whether it’s a leaking tap washer or a toilet seat replacement, burst water pipes or a new geyser, a new basin or maybe a faulty shower rose or pressure control valve, our plumbers are trained to deal with the plumbing repair that they are faced with.

 All jobs are assessed beforehand and wherever possible a quotation is given.

Our fleet of fully equipped service vans are stocked with the common everyday plumbing fittings, valves and pipes that may be required for general plumbing repairs.

By having a large float on the vehicle, it saves time and money and the job can get finished quicker.

We have numerous plumbing suppliers where we can obtain stock from should the need arise for plumbing fittings that we do not have on our vehicles.

 In instances where a plumbing repair is out of the ordinary or more involved than the usual repair our quality control manager is available to assess and manage the job with the plumber and his assistants.

DS| blocked drains

Blocked Drains at any time of the day or night can be inconvenient and messy, as well as a health risk if left unattended. DS Plumbers has a highly skilled Drain Cleaning division that has a range of specialized equipment that can cater for the needs of any type of blocked drain whether it is sewer or waste drains.

Using our Electro Roto Machines we can unblock blocked drains for residential, commercial and industrial drains.

Our High Pressure Water Jetting Machine can be used for blocked drains as well. It is very effective in instances where access points are few and far between.

Should we find that there are on-going blocked drains in a specific location we would recommend doing a CCTV camera inspection of the drain in order to determine exactly what is the cause of the repetitive blocked drain. We can locate, trace, excavate and repair the broken drain. 

DS| burst pipes

A burst pipe either in a residential home, office, factory, warehouse or in a driveway can be a devastating experience. From a small leak to a major burst pipe the consequential damage that is caused can be costly.

A burst pipe is caused by various factors not limited to:

1.    Old Age

2.    Corrosion

3.    Incorrect Installation

4.    High Water Pressure

5.    Inferior Quality of materials

6.    Extremely Cold Temperatures

DS Plumbers will attend to any burst pipe under any circumstances. Our trained technicians will excavate and locate the leak where required, assess the problem and use the correct fittings to repair.

In certain circumstances repairs would be undertaken but recommendations would be made to either replace a section of the pipe or replace the entire water main.

In some instances it would be cost effective to rather put the money that would be spent on a major repair towards a new water main.

There is no guarantee on the condition of the existing water main that it won’t burst again once the initial leak has been fixed. If there are signs of bad corrosion in this area of repair, it would indicate that the condition of the entire water main would be the same.

What to do if your water pipe bursts in the roof/walls under a floor:

1.    Turn of the water at the mains.  This will stop any more water leaking through, but you will have to allow time for the water in the pipe to stop.

2.    Switch off electricity to the geyser if you suspect the burst pipe is near the geyser.  If there is a leak, especially in a ceiling, the water will tend to culminate around a light fitting.

3.    Limit the damage.  If the ceiling is bowing, then to limit the damage from your whole ceiling collapsing, use a sharp implement or screw driver to make a hole in the ceiling board for the water to drain into a bucket or dustbin.

What to do if your water pipe bursts underground:

1.    Turn of the water at the mains.

2.    If you notice hot water coming out of the cold taps or in the area where the leak is, switch off the electricity supply to the geyser.


Call DS PLUMBERS 061 760 6827  

DS| geyser installation & trouble shooting 

Dripping geyser overflow
Geysers often leak (drip) through the pressure control valve overflow pipe. This is normal as the water in the geyser heats and cools. However, anything more than a few litres a day usually indicates that the pressure control valve is faulty. This valve should be replaced if there is a constant steady drip from the overflow pipe.  An  occasional dripping after water has been drawn from the geyser is fine.

Overheating: Steam or hot water escaping from the overflow
Geyser thermostats are specially made to fault in the open or “off” position. If the thermostat does this the the water in the geyser obviously ceases to heat. However, sometimes the thermostat faults in the “on” position, in which case the water will eventually boil and the geyser may explode.
An indication that this is occurring is when hot water and steam is observed coming out of an overflow pipe. This escaping hot water and steam shows that the temperature and pressure valve (TP valve) is releasing hot water because excessive temperature and pressure is  building up in the geyser. The most common cause of overheating is a faulty thermostat. This is potentially very dangerous and must be seen to immediately. Switch off the geyser and call a plumber.

Water leaking through the ceiling
This indicates that the geyser has either burst, or a major leak has developed, and the drip[ tray and overflow system (if there is one) is not coping. Immediately switch off the power supply and the cold water supply to the geyser. Switch of the geyser power at the main distribution board. 

Call DS PLUMBERS 061 760 6827


No hot water
Check whether the geyser circuit breaker on the main distribution board has tripped. Only reset the circuit breaker once or twice. If it continues to trip, then call an electrician. If the power supply is OK, but there is no hot water – then this indicates that either the thermostat or the heating element which has failed. The thermostat and the heating element should always be replaced together. Call DS PLUMBERS  to do this.


Water not hot enough
This indicates that the setting on the thermostat is too low, or or that that the thermostat and/element is malfunctioning. Set the thermostat to 65 deg. C. HouseCheck does not recommend that a higher setting is used. If the geyser is old it may have become calcified and  inefficient. In this case consider replacing the geyser.

Poor hot water pressure
A number of things can cause low hot water pressure. These include old, blocked galvanised pipes, or a dirty or blocked valve. Some houses still have old low pressure geysers – only 100 kPa – rather than modern high pressure geysers – up to 600 kPa.  Low pressure geysers usually have spherical “Lacto” valves in place of the modern pressure balancing valves.  A pressure balancing valve, fitted on the cold water supply to the geyser,   ensures that both the hot and cold water supply to the bathrooms are at the same pressure rating as the high pressure geyser.

Badly fitted geysers can be dangerous Call DS PLUMBERS 061 760 6827


DS| lighting & installations

Electrical lighting is a crucial requirement in our modern age. Without lights, we would all sit in the dark. Businesses can’t be productive without the necessary lighting. If any problem with your lights occurs, be sure that DS Electricianswill turn on the lights for you. We do internal and external lighting repairs and lighting installations.  We understand how important lights are to our clients, therefore, we have a qualified faulty lights electrician ready to assist you anytime on time every times.

Our electricians do their best to ensure that your lighting system is functioning correctly. Flickering lights, a major electrical problem with your lights or any faulty light problem, be sure our trained electricians will repair these problems promptly for you.

DS Electricianswill troubleshoot the faulty lights problem and then diagnose the problem and ultimately fix the problem.

DS| circuit breaker repairs & installations

Circuit breakers prevent damages to electrical appliances and electrical equipment at your home or business. 

It is important for DS Electriciansto ensure the safety of our clients, therefore, we don’t recommend fixing any circuit breakers yourself. We offer qualified and professional electricians who can repair all your faulty circuit breakers for you.

Installing circuit breakers incorrectly without a qualified electrician can cause electrical damages to your property due to overloading issues. An electrician will determine what is best for the repair and installation for your faulty circuit breaker.


DS| faulty circuit panel


Old breakers – Circuit breakers that’s been working for years without regular maintenance. Use our certified electricians to service your circuit breakers regularly.

Burning smell – Electrical shorts can occur when you smell something burning or hear an electrical noise. There could be an overload or a broken electrical cable at your property. Switch off your main power and call DS Electriciansto inspect the problem for you.

Tripping breakers – Breakers can trip when you switch on certain appliances or can trip after being switched on for a while. A circuit replacement might be needed in most cases. Although, our electricians will inspect the cause for the breaker tripping and resolve your breaker tripping problems for you.

Circuit breaker faults can damage your electrical appliances and office equipment if it trips or does not provide a stable electricity throughput around your property

DS| 3 phase circuit repairs & installations

3 Phase circuits are widely used worldwide. It is much more efficient for power throughput than 1 phase or 2 phase circuits.  Professional electricians from DS Electricianscan maintain, install and repair any 3 phase circuits. We guarantee reliable work for 3 phase circuit installations or repairs. Your safety is our greatest concern  

DS| pre-paid meter installations

Save money today with a pre-paid electrical meter at your property. DS Electricians can install more than one pre-paid meter at your property.  It is beneficial when you have a flat at your home or you have multiple office buildings. You can manage your electricity usage and only pay for your required usage. 


DS| electrical rewiring

To comply with a certificate of compliance, your  rewiring   should be done correctly. The safety of your business and home is our greatest concern when it comes to electrical rewiring. DS Electricianswill gladly assist you with all your electrical rewiring requirements. Our licensed electricians will ensure that all your rewiring is done professionally and safely.


DS| surge protection

Surge protectors protect your electrical appliances against power surges in your home or business. We install surge protectors at your property to reduce the amount of failed electronic due to power surges.

During thunderstorms, load-shedding or brownouts, your expensive TV, computer or other electrical equipment can be damaged in the process. DS Electriciansmakes sure to provide surge protections installations for your whole home.


DS| certificate of compliance (COC)

DS Electriciansprovides residential and commercial CoC. A  certificate of compliance  is when all the electrical installations such as wiring, plugs, lights, main DB board, and geyser are compliant with the occupational health and safety act in South Africa.

It is crucial for a property owner to own a certificate of compliance especially when selling the property and for your own safety in the property. A CoC is valid for two years.

A qualified electrician from DS Electricianscan issue a certificate of compliance for your property. DS Electricianswill inspect your property’s electrical system and can provide  electrical repairs  as needed for you to be compliant.


We are gate motor specialists. We can assist you in repairs and installations. Our electricians are qualified to repair any gate motor or install a gate motor for any gate. Contact DS Electricians 061 760 6827if you experience an unfortunate event of a faulty gate motor especially when you need it most.


Having a faulty garage door in Johannesburg can be dangerous due to the crime and theft of vehicles in the city. Before you replace the garage door, DS Electricians can inspect, repair and   maintain  your current garage doors or garage door motors. All our work is done professionally and neatly.


(call DS Electricians 061 760 6827  forfree diagnoses, yes for free!!)


With every symptom experienced related to a washing machine functionality there are at least 5 reasons for every symptom, such as “not spinning” many DIY repairs are attempted by home owners only to be barking up the wrong tree; let DS Electricianshelp you out.



Not heating? Is a common customer query and once again multiple reasons apply. It could be the PC board, element, clicksons, thermostat, thermal fuses or faulty wiring and and many more.



A common question asked is “how much do we charge to re-gas a fridge”. Firstly a common miss conception is that a fridge will in its life span need to be re-gassed because it will have used up its gas. A fridge or freezer is a sealed system and will only need to be re-gassed if it has a leak, the gas line is blocked, or the compressor is damaged.



Modern refrigeration units such as fridges & freezers have been equipped with elements. Yes, elements, these elements can get hot enough to cause a catastrophic meltdown if various safety features are tampered with, some of these are sensors and thermal fuses, so please refrain from tempering on these systems if you are not a qualified technician.



Customer abuse is often a cause for appliance failure and when coming to dishwashers it’s a large factor with many users not cleaning excess food of crockery & cutlery causing sump filter blockages, drain pump failure and even main circulation pump failure.



A freestanding unit combining a hob & oven is referred to as a stove in South Africa; many households however have three separate units namely an oven, hob and extractor and these are normally sold as individual appliances and consumers can buy various brand of each to satisfy their taste and needs, mixing gas and electrical hobs and ovens is common practice in modern South Africa.




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